Reaching the Crowd With our Microphone Hire in Sydney

When planning your next social event or performance, consider using our microphone hire services in Sydney. An easy way of spreading your message or art to a big, noisy crowd, a good microphone is an essential piece of equipment...

When Would you Need a Microphone?

Microphones are useful in a variety of settings and professions, from events management companies and MCs to garage bands and stand-up comedians. Microphones allow you to give instructions, get in touch with specific individuals, and ultimately address a large group of people. For your voice or instrument to carry across clearly, the quality of your mic needs to be of the highest standard.

What Microphones Can You Choose From?

Our inclusive range of microphones is suitable for various uses and includes but is not limited to the following options: the Shure PG48 cabled microphone, the Shure SM57 instrument microphone, and the Shure BLX head-worn wireless setup.

At Sound Empire, we make wireless microphone hire simple.