Bose S1 Pro Battery Powered Speaker

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GST Inclusive

1 x Bose S1 Pro Battery Powered Speaker
1 x Power Cable (5m)
1 x Speaker Stand

Cabled Microphone:

- Shure PG48 Microphone
- 10m XLR Signal Cable

Wireless Microphone:
- Shure PG48 Microphone
- Wireless XLR Transmitter - Battery Operated
- Wireless XLR Receiver - Battery Operated 
NOTE: No mains power will be required with this option

Bose S1 Pro Battery Powered Speaker:
The Bose S1 Pro Battery Powered Speaker is a compact all-in-one battery powered speaker which runs for 6-hours on a single charge and is very light and portable which makes it ideal for any location which doesn't have access to mains power.

This Bluetooth speaker delivers big sound from a rugged small case.