CO2 Gun

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1 x CO2 Gun
1 x Hose (Available Lengths - 5m or 10m)
1 x CO2 Bottle to Hose Quick Release Attachment
+ Your Selection of a CO2 Canister/s

CO2 Gun:
The CO2 Gun is a handheld gun which blasts white cryogenic plumes of fog and is a spectacular eye-catcher for a range of events such as weddings, nightclubs, festivals and parties!

Operation requires a connection to a liquid CO2 cylinder with a flexible high-pressure hose. Cylinder sizes vary as does their suitability for different environments.

CO2 Canister Duration: 
10kg - 30 seconds (15 x 2 second blasts)
22kg - 70 seconds (35 x 2 second blasts)

CO2 Canister Weight & Height:
CO2 Canister (10kg): 25kg - 750mm
CO2 Canister (22kg): 50kg - 1340mm

NOTE: A maximum of 1 x 10kg bottle of CO2 gas may be transported in a passenger vehicle. Any greater amounts must be transported in an open tray vehicle.