Stage Riser - 1200 x 1200

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1 x Stage Riser - 1200mm x 1200mm
4 x Stage Legs (Optional Height with Fixed or Wheeled Legs)

Optional: Black Stage Skirt

Stage Riser - 1200 x 1200
The 1200 x 1200 Stage Riser is an ideal staging solution for solo performers, you can also combine multiple pieces together to build a larger staging setup for a duo, small band or a karaoke party performance!

This stage piece can also be used for a number of unconventional uses like a viewing platform at a range of events to display an item or product which requires an elevated platform for patrons to get a better look, a winners podium in a number of different configurations whether it a single, dual or triple podium riser.

The legs come in multiple heights and are easily removable making it super convenient for transportation.

If your Stage Riser requires to be easily rolled around or moved, select our Wheeled option which will give you this mobility.

This Stage Riser is compatible with any existing Megadeck Staging systems.