QSC 7000 Sound System

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GST Inclusive

2 x QSC KW153 3-Way Powered Speakers
4 x QSC KW181 Powered Subwoofer
2 x XLR to XLR Signal Cable (5m)
4 x XLR to XLR Signal Patch Cable (2m)
6 x Power Cables (5m)

QSC 7000 Sound System:
Our QSC 7000 Sound System combines two QSC KW153 3-Way 1000w powered speakers with four 1000w 18" QSC KW181 powered subwoofers.

This sound system is ideal for both indoor and outdoor events and is suitable for attendances between 350-600.

The entire sound system is powered meaning no external amplifiers are required making it super easy to set up in just a few simple steps!