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1. There is no minimum equipment hire spend to be entitled to our setup services.
2. The setup and pack down will be performed at the same time as the delivery and collection so please consider the most appropriate option when booking in your Delivery & Collection services.
3. The term setup refers to the placement of all of the hired equipment (within reason) along with connecting and providing all of the necessary cables to operate the hired equipment as advertised.
4. We take pride in all of our setups to make sure your event space looks clean, seamless and well presented by ensuring all cables are neatly rolled and tucked away, securing any loose leads to avoid any potential trip hazards.
5. The advertised setup rate is for a 30-minute time limit and any larger bookings may incur additional fees, it is advised to contact our customer service team on (02) 9159 8700 to receive an exact quotation on this service prior to placing your booking online.
5. Additional charges may apply:
- To locations which have excessive stairs, lifts or hard to reach areas
- To locations requiring obstructions such as furniture or general household items moved at the time of the setup