Full Colour RGB Laser 3W

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1 x Full Colour RGB 3W Laser
1 x Power Cable

Full Colour RGB 3W Laser:
Our Full Colour RGB 3W Laser projects multicoloured laser beams, creating various 3D shapes and patterns that will add a whole new dimension to any event!

This 3W RGB Laser is a simple solution for any large scale raves with up to a few thousand people or even for the smallest private clubs and events at a various range of venues that can be controlled via ILDA and will be a perfect combination with our Pangolin FB3 Laser Control Dongle.

IMPORTANT: A Haze Machine is necessary to achieve the desired effect from the laser.
Please Note: In the majority of cases, our Haze Fluid is not detected by Smoke Alarms/Detectors, however, we strongly advise contacting your venue to confirm if a Smoke/Haze Machine is permitted.