Stage Riser - 600 x 600

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GST Inclusive

1 x Stage Riser - 600mm x 600mm
4 x Stage Legs 
(Optional Height with Fixed or Wheeled Legs)

Optional: Black Stage Skirt

Stage Riser - 600 x 600:
The 600 x 600 Stage Riser is an incredibly helpful stage piece when it comes to staging extensions. Its unique dimension allows for it to be used to connect to any of our stage pieces where an extension is required or simply to create shapes and sizes that would not otherwise be achievable. This piece can also be placed in small or awkward places where larger stage pieces won't fit.

It is ideal for smaller setups like exhibitions, demonstrations, artwork or pop up activations, trophy stand, mixer tables and much more.

If your Stage Riser requires to be easily rolled around or moved, select our Wheeled option which will give you this mobility.

This Stage Riser is compatible with any existing Megadeck Staging systems.